Control Cabinets


Panel Building? Leave it to us!


We know how to make process control cabinets that hit the mark simply because we have the right people, the right tools and the right procedures that allow us to integrate safety in every step.

Our System teams have attained substantial global accreditations and are all involved in continuous lean innovation to produce advantages you can count on.

In each location our highly qualified, empowered people have the right project management skills to surpass your expectations. You get all the necessary documentations, proven functional tests and conformity paperwork on time and systematically. Our know-how is built to create faster, simpler and more economical solution.

Additionally we are both willing and able to be onsite with you or for you anywhere in the world. Our global installation, commissioning and training services are second to none. We can set up a certified and completely equipped process control cabinet in Basel, Beijing or Boston. When you link our technology leadership in integrated communication with our passion for quality it is not 

Control Cabinets And System
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